Product Type

Thermal conductivity λ(mw/m.k)

Monolith-type SUFA has a block shape, which enables it to maximally utilize the transparency of aerogels. Our current facilities can manufacture them in sizes up to 300 x 300 x 10 mm at maximum (*). In the future, it is expected to become mountable by being manufactured in the size of several meters.
*Material development and mass production development are expected to be completed within 2019. Please note that available samples are monolithic and in the size of 100 x 100 x 10 mm.

Thermal conductivity λ(mw/m.k)

Powder-type SUFA has the same composition as monolith-type SUFA and is finely granulated. Its particle size can be controlled in the range from tens of μm to several mm, and it can be combined with various resins and fiber materials to form composite thermal insulation materials. Powder-type SUFA whose particle size is in the order of several mm is also known as granule.

Thermal conductivity λ(mw/m.k)

This is composite material made of glass wool and SUFA. As it is made by immersing glass wool in SUFA sols, it is in a state where fibers are coated in SUFA. It has performance of 0.015-0.019W/m-K and is characterized as ultra-high-performance glass wool. It has excellent workability and can be used not only for lining insulation material or insulating container but also for industrial applications such as pipelines or electric furnaces.