Bringing light and warmth
to the world with new materials

"Japan Lagging Behind in Thermal Insulation" Given stricter energy saving standards pursuant to the Building Standards Act amended in 2020 and the spread of electric mobility, it has become an impending challenge for domestic manufacturers to support thermal and energy management for their products.
As the manufacturer of the first transparent insulator: SUFA, we aim to reinvent "windows", which will be able to transmit light while preventing thermal conduction. We expect to widely spread the material by compounding it with other materials for uses in construction materials, automobiles, logistics, and other familiar things.

Representative Director Masahiro Yamaji Representative Director Masahiro Yamaji
Representative Director
Masahiro Yamaji
Received Ph. D. in engineering from Keio University in 2004.
Worked as a postdoc researcher for governmental projects at the National Institute for Materials Science, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, etc.
Founded tiem factory Inc. while working as a researcher for Kyoto University.
Received the Best Paper Award at Microoptics Conference (MOC) in 2008.